12.5 Exercises

Exercise 12.1 (Do’s) Take the list of do’s in Section 12.1.2. For each item on the list, answer the following questions:

  1. Why is it on the list?

  2. Which is the most relevant section in the book?

  3. Can you order the list of elements from most important to least important?

  4. What were your reasons for picking the top three?

  5. And why did you pick the bottom three?

  6. Could you make suggestions for new items that should be on the list?
Exercise 12.2 (Don’ts) Repeat the previous exercise for the list of don’ts in Section 12.1.3.
Exercise 12.3 (Template) Adapt the template for the mammalsleep data in mice. Be sure to include your major assumptions and decisions.
Exercise 12.4 (Nesting) Develop an extension of the mids object in mice that allows for nested multiple imputation. Try to build upon the existing mids object.