Taking off the hood

Children learn to walk, speak, and think at an astonishing pace. The D-score captures this process as a one-number summary. The D-score booklets explain why we need the D-score, how we construct it, and how we calculate it. Application of the D-score enables comparisons in child development across populations, groups and individuals.

We are preparing four D-score booklets under the following titles:

  1. Turning milestones into measurement
  2. Tuning instruments to unity
  3. Tailoring tests to fit the occasion
  4. Taking off the hood

Editors: Stef van Buuren, Iris Eekhout

Booklet I and Booklet II are currently available as a complete draft. We still need to write most of booklets III and IV. The series addresses conceptual aspects of the D-score, discusses practical issues, and introduces a dedicated set of R packages.

The Health Birth Growth and Development knowledge integration (ki) program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation kindly supports the work.

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